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NHS eye examination

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Free if applicable
Full comprehensive eye examination

Private eye examination



Full eye examination

Retinal photography £12.50 in Chirk and Malpas

OCT £30 in Wrexham

Dispensing of all prescriptions

Marta dispensing


From free to budget from £39.10 and more
All prescriptions considered for spectacles, sunglasses, ski goggles, safety eyewear swimming goggles or contact lenses

Low Vision Assessment


Free in our Chirk practice
If you already have a vision impairment or low vision, or are registered as either sight impaired or severely sight impaired a specially trained and our accredited Low vision optician can help you make the best use of the sight you have.

Cheshire Glaucoma Refinement Assessment


Free in our Malpas branch
If you have a GP in Cheshire. Paul and Barbara provide a valuable service to our own patients and to other Optometrist hospital referrals, triaging and monitoring at risk glaucoma patients.

Cheshire Diabetic Retinopathy Screening


Free in our Malpas practice
Barbara has been providing Diabetic retinopathy screening in this practice for over 15 years, the continuity of care and seeing the same practitioner makes this a unique service.Diabetic eye screening is a key part of diabetes care. People with diabetes are at risk of damage from diabetic retinopathy, a condition that can lead to sight loss if it’s not treated. Your GP will recommend this annually for most diabetics.

Eye Health Wales Examination available in our Wrexham and Chirk branch



Free if applicable
Stuart, Llinos and Barbara have been providing this service here for over 10 years.The Eye Health Examination Wales (EHEW) has been set-up in conjunction with the Welsh Assembly Government to provide free eye-care for selected groups of patients who may be at higher risk of eye disease, along with patients who develop a sudden eye problem.

Contact lens assessment


Close-up of blue woman eye with contact lens applying, macro lens, focus on contact lens, shallow DOF

All types of contact lenses fitted and wear monitored

Dry eye assessment and appropriate treatment advised


Free with a full eye examination
After assessment, the appropriate treatment will be advised and instructions given.

Learning Disability Service

learning disability

Free in our Malpas Practice
Specialised eye examination for people with a Learning Disability . You need a referral from your GP based in Cheshire.

Cheshire Direct Cataract Referral



Free in our Malpas practice
If you have a Cheshire GP